6 Must-Have Items for Every First Time Backpacker

As a first-time backpacker, there is A LOT of information available to you when researching what to bring on your first adventure. On one hand, that is great! There is SO much to read, SO much to pack and SO much information. On the other hand...there is SO much information to sift through. What is … Continue reading 6 Must-Have Items for Every First Time Backpacker


7 Things I Learned to Appreciate While Travelling Asia

It is not a new concept that people (especially those of us from Western countries) tend to take things for granted. Now, while I could write this blog from a more serious perspective (i.e: government differences, freedom of speech, general safety etc.) I am choosing to write this from the perspective of what I know … Continue reading 7 Things I Learned to Appreciate While Travelling Asia

A Weekend in Cambodia

This weekend, we were off to Siem Reap, Cambodia for a quick two night mini-holiday! We left early in the morning and arrived at the border shortly before it opened. This turned out to be very lucky, as within two minutes of us arriving, the area was swamped with people heading into Cambodia.  Despite being … Continue reading A Weekend in Cambodia

Thailand: Week 2

Our second week in Surin felt much more normal than our first. Slowly, but surely, all twelve of us have fallen into a routine that has ultimately made this house feel like a home away from home. We make breakfast together, we shop together, we teach each other things, and we sing, drink and dance … Continue reading Thailand: Week 2

A Weekend in Laos

With a three day weekend in our future, a few of us decided we should explore the nearby Laos instead of staying in Surin!  We did our homework, scouring the Internet for tips and tricks and places to stay, and were very disheartened to find almost nothing available. So we took a leap of faith … Continue reading A Weekend in Laos

Thailand:Week 1

My first week in Thailand was filled with very high highs, and VERY low lows. At my highest, I was drinking out of a sand pail full of vodka, dancing the night away on Kao San Road and visiting amazing temples in Bangkok. At my lowest, I had my head in a toilet at 3am … Continue reading Thailand:Week 1

I’m Leaving SK…Wait, What?!

I officially leave for Bangkok in 18 hours. Up until this point I've always seen this trip as "on the horizon" or "in the future". Now that it's so close, reality is kind of setting in and HOLY MOLY I AM EXCITED/STRESSED/NERVOUS/EXCITED. That pretty much sums it up. I think. Considering that the last time … Continue reading I’m Leaving SK…Wait, What?!

I Have a Degree: What Now?

Last night, at exactly 9:09 p.m, I finished my undergraduate degree. After four years of full class-loads, summer classes, and working almost full-time throughout it all, I. Am. Done. Subsequently, I am also unemployed now, as my last day of work was on Friday. After three years at the same company, I am done and … Continue reading I Have a Degree: What Now?


Like many people, I suffer from a completely made-up illness called "I need the fucking sunlight otherwise I am a huge bitch-itis". It's very serious, and it effects 1 in every 5 people (not true). Common symptoms include: -waking up, seeing it's rainy/cloudy, groaning loudly, rolling over and going back to bed -letting your leg … Continue reading WHY CAN’T IT BE SUNNY

Little Arm: The Best Campsite You’ve Never Heard Of

I love camping. Honestly, it is one of my favourite things to do. The fire-cooked meals, one too many campfire drinks, and starry skies are the ingredients for a perfect weekend, if you ask me. And none of this "camper that has more square footage than my house" bullshit. I'm talking tents, hot dogs, MAYBE … Continue reading Little Arm: The Best Campsite You’ve Never Heard Of