Little Arm: The Best Campsite You’ve Never Heard Of

I love camping. Honestly, it is one of my favourite things to do. The fire-cooked meals, one too many campfire drinks, and starry skies are the ingredients for a perfect weekend, if you ask me. And none of this “camper that has more square footage than my house” bullshit. I’m talking tents, hot dogs, MAYBE a floor mat if you’re feeling bougie. Maybe.

When I was little my parents used to set up our tent in our backyard from May long weekend to September long weekend just because we preferred sleeping outside to our rooms. Now that I’ve gotten older, I still love tenting, but somewhere between age 12 and 22, the backyard has lost most of its magic.

Living where I do, it can be more difficult than it needs to be to book a camping site, drive 2-3 hours after work and get there by the time the sun goes down. And that’s just if you want to stay in Saskatchewan. If you’re hoping to make it to the mountains, almost an entire extra day is necessary to get the most out of your camping weekend. So lately I’ve made it my mission to find some sites a little closer to home, and here is my post about my very first one.

Little Arm: which is basically Kinookimaw, which is basically Regina Beach. It’s maybe a five minute drive west of the Regina Beach Main Street, but it feels a little bit more like Grasslands National Park. It is about a four kilometre stretch of hills and beach that is hidden off of the highway. The road to get there is a little bit worse for wear, and I DEFINITELY would not recommend it if you are in a car, or if you have a trailer. But if the road gets too rough, there are many places that you can pull over and leave your car for a few nights. Walking along the path is beautiful, and you can pretty much stop where ever you want to set up camp. There are biking and quading trails for those of you that like those types of things, there is a beach for us sun-worshippers, and it is a great spot for fishing that not many people know about (the secret’s out, sorry!). The beach itself is a little inlet from Last Mountain Lake, protected by land and trees so it is almost always perfectly calm.

There aren’t real designated camping spots, or entry fees, or bathrooms, but who needs those things anyway? Just pitch a tent and set up camp where ever your heart desires! It takes a little bit of planning to make sure you’re comfortable, as there isn’t running water or services, but that is half the fun! Watching the sunset on top of one of the hills is one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in the last few months, and the peace, quiet and tranquility there cannot be matched. If you forget something critical, the Bigway grocery store is only a five minute drive away!

So this summer if you are looking for a beautiful tenting adventure without having to drive very far, Little Arm is your spot!


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