8 Things to Do in Regina Beach this Summer

Regina Beach is a bustling summer town located just 30 minutes from Regina on Highway 54. It is scenic, it is fun, and it is a hidden gem of the province, in my opinion. Coincidentally, it is also a my hometown! I’ve lived here for sixteen years now, and all the while have felt that this place is more than a little underrated. It is so much more than just a beach. As such, I have compiled a list of things to do/see while you are here!

  1. Regina Beach Farmer’s Market-Located in the parking lot of the lovely Rudy’s, our Farmer’s Market has pretty much everything you could need. Organic veggies, handmade jewelry, wine, food and so much more. Happening 11am-4pm every Sunday throughout the summer months, this is a must-see at the beach. It is VERY easy to find-just look for the horde of people tryin’ to get their shop on.
  2. Blue Bird Cafe- Truly a historic icon at the beach, the Blue Bird is celebrating their 89th year in business! Using the same recipe for its legendary fish and chips since it’s opening in 1928, the Blue Bird is a must see (and eat!). If you’re not a fan of fish and chips, don’t worry-they have something on the menu for everyone. If you REALLY want to blend in with us “beach kids” try a 50/50 (half lemonade, half iced tea) and a side of buffalo sauce (we really do put that shit on everything).
  3. The Ugly Mug Cafe- If there is three things I love in this world, it is humour, good food, and amazing coffee. The fourth thing is booze, and luckily for us the Ugly Mug has that too! Homemade baking, soups, sandwiches, a patio to die for, and a killer insta feed make my inner hipster oh-so-happy. A personal favourite is their French Onion Soup and Vanilla Frappe. I also love their fresh rolls. Literally everything is delicious.
  4. Regina Beach Golf Course-A nine-hole golf course perfect for us beginners or those among us who are intermediate/advanced. Honestly, I am not much for golfing, but even I enjoy sitting in the sun, drinking a Twisted Tea and hitting around a golf bar. To make things even better, the Golf Course is home to some of the best pasta I have ever put in my mouth. Red sauce, white sauce, whatever your heart desires, the golf course is the perfect place to satisfy your inner carb-aholic.
  5. Biking Trail- Spanning nearly (I’m too lazy to Google) a bunch of kilometres, the path spans from Lumsden Beach, Buena Vista, to Regina Beach and Kinookimaw. No motorized vehicles are allowed, but it is perfect for biking, running, or walking alongside the beautiful Last Mountain Lake.
  6. Rudy’s- every small town needs a cute gift store, and Rudy’s takes it even further by carrying products that are as unique as they are beautiful. Jewelry, home decor, and clothes perfect for the beach are only the beginning here!
  7. Waterfront Beach Bar- Known for hometown karaoke, trash can drinks (fair warning: only recommended for the advanced drinker), and Wing Nights. Grab a beer, grab some food, and watch the sunset go down on their patio directly up from the beach!
  8. Chachalacas-two words: patio. drinks. Another word: mojitos. Chachalacas is a Mexican food restaurant that is new at the beach, but has quickly become a favourite. Fresh ingredients, authentic cuisine and yummy cocktails all make you feel like you are a few feet away from the beach. Oh ya, that’s because you are!

There is so many more businesses that will be on my next list of things to do in Regina Beach that will make your inner foodie, explorer and adventurer satisfied. So if you need something to do this summer that is a short distance from the city, I urge you to come and check out Regina Beach! The people, the food, and the unique local businesses will keep you coming back for more. And more. and more.

You get it!


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