When in Doubt: Don’t Be!

As someone who has recently started a blog, it can be EXTREMELY difficult to not be intimidated and discouraged by the thousands of other travel or lifestyle bloggers/photographers that are out there. They’ve traveled more, they’re strong at writing, and they have more social media followers than you have people in your small town.

This is definitely how I am feeling today, but instead of being discouraged, I decided to shine a little light on the subject in case someone else is feeling the same way, and needs a little motivation.

It’s important to remember that everyone starts somewhere.

Even the best and the brightest bloggers once started with nothing and struggled to get their first 100 followers. For me, having so few followers can be somewhat embarrassing, and I am sure I am not alone in this feeling. If someone checks out my page and sees that I am slightly over 200 followers, what are the odds they are going to think I am someone worth looking at, much less following? Sometimes it’s very tempting to just shut down my account and that way I can stop feeling vulnerable and self-conscious.

But I haven’t done it yet, and here’s why. Thinking that maybe someday, I can be one of those bigger bloggers that new people look up too is extremely motivating. And the fact that even now, I have (granted very few) people that like what I write and what I take pictures of, is something that I would be stupid to not appreciate. I am still very young, and I have YEARS ahead of me to grow a following, travel more and become a better blogger and photographer.

So if you too are struggling with feelings of self-doubt, I urge you to shake it off and keep doing what you are doing. Follow more travel accounts or just blogger accounts in general. It’s better to look at these people as inspiration and tips on how you can improve instead of direct competition with you personally.

The “blogging market” (in quotations because that is not a real thing) may seem very saturated at this time, but I’m fairly confident there is no cap on how many there can be in the world. There is no limit to how many accounts one can follow on Instagram or an imaginary glass ceiling that needs to be broken before you are accepted.

Keep doing you!


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