The title says it all.

I have a final in less than 48 hours and yet here I sit, procrastinating and thinking of literally ANYTHING I could be doing that is not studying.

To make matters worse, I finally booked my flight for the trip I am taking this summer, so my attention span has decreased even more (if that is possible). I’ve changed my background to pictures of Cambodia and Thailand thinking that would help to motivate me, but it has actually made me more distracted.

This should be easy. I have TWO finals left in my entire University career. I’m over the hump! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yet instead of working that much harder, I’ve mostly just fallen off the wagon and find myself coasting.

Which is fine.

It seems like most other people are in the same mindset as I am, so overwhelmed with the idea of re-learning an entire semester or worse, teaching yourself an entire semester because you decided to stay in bed pretty much every day that you had class. So reaching out to your friends for motivation at this point in the semester is useless because let’s face it: they don’t have enough positive vibes for themselves let alone to share with others.


Amidst my procrastination, I have decided to create some positive aspects of finals for you to think of, if you too are studying and wanting a brief distraction/motivation.

  1. Just think, in a few short semesters you’ll be graduating, degree in hand, and posting a “HELL YEAH” style Insta which is guaranteed major likes (you can act like you don’t care, but we both know you do).
  2. Once you’re finished school, you can get a full-time job and start digging yourself out of that student-loan hole you’ve dug yourself tits-deep in to
  3. When everyone else is stressing about finals in a few years you can laugh to yourself as you pour yourself a whisky because at least that studying part of your life is over and done with
  4. You’ll sleep way better in a few weeks when finals are over and the impending sense of dread isn’t keeping you up at night. Unless of course you are taking spring/summer classes. Then, I’m sorry.
  5. You can play beer darts carefree in mere weeks knowing that you passed all your finals and that you don’t have to study for a few months (unless, again, you are in summer school and then you just cry most days probably?)
  6. You can have a really beautiful bonfire with all of your notes and textbooks that you probably won’t be able to sell because the version is outdated because it’s an entire three months old.

Is this helping?

I hope so.

If not, then some good news you can take to the bank RIGHT NOW is that a real life doctor once said that a glass of wine is helpful to studying and retention. So go ahead, YOU decide what constitutes a “glass”…and get studying!


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