Long Weekends: The Marathon

Currently writing this in sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on; which sounds WAY more glamorous as a Drake verse instead of saying I haven’t changed out of the clothes I slept in and also probably won’t for the rest of the day. Why is this acceptable, you ask?

  1. Because I am home alone so there is no one to judge me
  2. Because it’s still part of a long weekend

I know that Easter Monday is *technically* not a stat holiday, but for some it is, and some is good enough for me!

Now I know that most people look forward to long weekends because of sleeping in, and in the case of Easter, getting to visit family and eat lots of food. Come Thursday, they leave work relaxed, and float into the weekend ahead.

That is wrong.

Long weekends take preparation, and pre-planning. Prepping your body and mind for the days ahead is an important step in making the most of your long weekend. It is here that I make the comparison to a marathon, as that is something one must prepare for in advance as well. I have never done a marathon, but this is what I’m told.

As marathon runners begin training slowly, running a little more each day in order to prepare their bodies for the longest run yet, as one should while preparing for Easter suppers. I recommend eating more and more in the five days leading up to the “big event” AKA Easter Sunday. Why you ask? Well, to prepare your stomach of course. Instead of ruining your evening by over-eating at Easter, condition your body to be USED to overeating in the days leading up; and your after-supper condition will be one of familiarity and comfort instead of unpleasant.

Now don’t call me a visionary just yet, because I haven’t even gotten to the best part.

The drinking. Can we talk about the drinking? I’m not sure if this is true for everyone, but my Easter weekend feels like one long binge. So while you might think you have to write off a day to being hungover this weekend, I encourage you to take matters into your own hands and be proactive.

You can’t get hungover if you never get sober.

I encourage you also to write that down, it is something that has gotten me through many a rough morning. Kahlua in coffee, orange juice in beer, mimosas, your options are endless and it’s best to get started early to best ward off that pesky headache-y feeling we are all familiar with.

I know that Easter weekend is technically over, but this is advice that you can carry with you as you move forward in your life-just think of all those long weekends you have in front of you!

Enjoy your week everyone, and if you’re like me and are considering this day a holiday, then join me in having one (or two) last long weekend mimosas.


One comment

  1. bluerustedrobot · April 20, 2017

    Oh mimosas, do I have horror stories about those… hahaha. Hope you had a lovely Easter!

    Liked by 1 person

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