Spring Cleaning: A Guide to Not Doing It

With warmer weather, new buds opening on trees, flowers poking precariously out of the newly sun-warmed earth, comes the feeling we all know: SPRING CLEANING.

Now, there are two types of reactions when you hear these words:

The first, is similar to the joyous scene in Snow White when the birds and deer are helping her clean her cabin; or in Cinderella when the woodland creatures are helping turn her rags into a beautiful dress. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you are ready, nay, inspired (!) to begin your spring cleaning journey.

The second, of which I am a member, is also reminiscent of some popular movie scenes. Think the unknowing swimmer in Jaws when the creepy “coming-from-the-depths-to-eat-you” music begins to play. Or in Camp Crystal Lake when Jason Voorhees stalks his unwitting prey from the woods. Dread and anxious anticipation are the basic themes here.

I am famous (with myself) for getting SO excited about spring cleaning because I get intensely, obsessively motivated for about twenty minutes until I find something that is even remotely more interesting and then it is game over. So 1/16 of my life will get sprung (a word here used to describe “spring cleaning”, OR used to describe getting drunk in the spring-context is everything, people) and then it’s back to my regular disorganized chaos. And then I become disappointed in myself for my lack of attention and my similarities to Doug in Up! who is distracted by squirrels.

I know there are feeds of bloggers and Pinterest addicts that have amazing tutorials of how to get organized (Follow @neatmethod on Instagram if you need some inspo) but this is not what I am here for. I am here to say that I am a victim of Insta-jealousy and an ultimate failure at spring cleaning and THAT IS FINE. Own your own strengths-you’re probably really good at other things! Like making a passable supper with three (expiry dates questionable) ingredients, or coming up with a new cocktail recipe completely by accident.

So who is the real winner here?

Someone who stresses about spring cleaning only to have a messy house in one week, or someone who doesn’t sweat it, puts her feet up, and watches one more episode of Girls with a Sunday mimosa?



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