Saskatchewan FOMO

I think it’s so amazing that we have the ability to go anywhere in this whole wide world (monetary limitations aside) and yet, for the most part, us Saskatchewanians typically choose to stay put. Sure we take hot holidays, and head West to the mountains, but it’s never for too long. Because you might miss something, like a Roughrider win (not this season), or a hometown scandal that you just can’t miss. Ultimately, we KNOW that these things don’t matter, at least not in a life-altering way-but some part of us is so invested in the goings-on that any time apart can sometimes be daunting. It is, all at once, the place you can’t wait to leave, but very few ever do.
I’m as much a victim as the next person-I love my hometown, my province and all of the people in it. This love is only fuelled by the amazing local culture being created here. Yet I scroll enviously through other people’s Instagram and Facebook feeds, relishing in their international adventures as if they were my own. I know that I can leave, and I dream about it some days; but there is always a part of me that doesn’t know that I ever will. On days that I believe I can leave, I think of how amazing it would be to live even two provinces away from this place, and how much I would grow and change because of that experience. But this morning I woke up early and was driving to school, and almost teared up at the beauty of a Saskatchewan sunrise. I can’t imagine not having that as my constant when I wake up and go to sleep every day. And while of course I know there are sunrises everywhere, this one will always be the best to me.
While I think it is amazing that I have had the luck to grow up in such a close-knit and ever-growing community, I also resent the fact that I love it so much that it has made me hesitant to leave. Ultimately I know I probably will leave someday, but the fact that I have this much of an attachment to a place that I sometimes curse weekly makes me very scared for what would happen to me if I had to leave something I ACTUALLY loved, like craft beer or lager chips.

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