Life as Simply Average

I am average. I’m the first person to say it. Honestly, I am. I know there is an entire “love yourself” movement that is happening right now, and tbh I’m all for it.

Let me clarify. I’m all for it when it comes to other people. You wanna wear a bikini any damn way you want in any damn body type? HELL YEAH. Absolutely. You wanna show off your mad make-up skills even though you are a boy and society has some bullshit box they want to put you in and you’re trying to break out? DO IT. Do the hell out of it. I love that.

But when it comes to myself, one word I would use to describe me is “meh”. And that’s not to say I think I suck. Because I don’t-I think I’m pretty alright! But I would love to have something that I am crazy passionate about and good at but at this time in my life I’m mostly just “kind of okay” at a few things. Do I dress nicely, do alright in school and have a job I enjoy? For sure. Do I have hobbies? Yes, for about five days until I get bored and forget about them. I just don’t have anything that makes me hop out of bed in the morning and say “FUCK YEAH LET’S GET STARTED”!!!!!!! But I will, some day. I’m sure that comes with time.

So for now, I will continue to participate in my own quiet “love yourself” movement, albeit distantly removed and not extremely whole-hearted. AND THAT’S OKAY. Mediocrity and being slightly-above average is better than not giving a shit about anything and also sucking at everything.

Is this a pep talk?

Not really.

But it is something I was thinking about today, and I suppose that’s the point of a blog. So tune in next week for another episode of “What’s Keeping Me Up at Night”.


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